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AutoCAD is the flagship software of Autodesk and the company’s most widely known product. The main features of AutoCAD 2016 include enhanced functionality in 2D drawing (2D Drafting), 3D modeling (3D Drafting), data management (Data Management), sheet set (Sheet Set), and a new user interface (UI). These new features are available in desktop AutoCAD for the first time.

AutoCAD 2016 offers a series of enhancements designed to increase productivity for both new and experienced users. These enhancements include:

Enhanced 2D and 3D drawing functionality, including a new set of design tools for drawing boxes and angles.

Enhanced 2D drawing for adding text, coloring, and symbols.

A new drawing area with a redesigned user interface, which makes it easier to work with large drawing sizes.

New AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts and mouse functionality.

The ability to save and send files as web pages with a new Web Browser extension, called Web Authoring.

More efficient rendering of 2D drawings to reduce file size.

A new drawing area with a redesigned user interface, which makes it easier to work with large drawing sizes.

A set of enhancements to the drawing tools, including a new set of drawing tools for drawing boxes and angles.

The ability to send images as email attachments from AutoCAD.

Enhanced 2D drawing and the ability to add text, colors, and symbols.

An improved user interface and keyboard and mouse functionality.

Simplified command-line functionality.

AutoCAD 2016 can be used as a standalone app or as an app included with another Autodesk product. It is also available as a browser extension, so that the latest version of AutoCAD is always available on the web. To purchase a new version of AutoCAD, or to buy one for your business, visit the Autodesk website at

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is an award-winning and popular 2D drafting application, created by Autodesk. AutoCAD is available on the market for a range of computer operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

What is AutoCAD 2017?

AutoCAD 2017 is a release of AutoCAD developed by Autodesk. The latest version of AutoCAD enables users

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AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT have been available for Windows since AutoCAD 2000, macOS since AutoCAD 2005, and Linux since AutoCAD 2010.

AutoCAD LT cross-platform support includes editing and exporting to AutoCAD LT format, even for existing drawings.

AutoCAD LT for Windows support includes editing and exporting to AutoCAD LT format, even for existing drawings.

AutoCAD is available as an accessible interface, with support for screen readers, color contrast filters, large character size, and Unicode. AutoCAD can be used by visually-impaired users with the addition of a hardware or software screen reader. It is also usable for employees who cannot work directly on AutoCAD’s native screen size of.

Since AutoCAD for Windows supports open type cursors and screen readers, AutoCAD 2016 allows users to use the arrow keys to navigate through objects in a drawing.

On the Mac, AutoCAD can be used in conjunction with a software screen reader. AutoCAD 2016.1 on the Mac allows screen readers to identify objects in a drawing with name, style, and other pertinent information.

AutoCAD 2017 for Windows supports the Unified Accessibility Program (UAP).

Data exchange
AutoCAD is available as a DXF file format for exporting and importing drawings into the drawing software. Drawing exchange formats (.dwg) are common and accepted formats for AutoCAD since AutoCAD R14.

AutoCAD exports to DXF. It can also export to DXF with several additional drawing properties, such as key-hole constraints, background fills, and spot colors.

AutoCAD can import into any other AutoCAD supported format.

AutoCAD supports some standard communication protocols:

BIFF5 is a binary industry standard file format used for the exchange of drawings between companies. It has been developed by BIP-RIP and is used for the interchange of CAD data, in particular, between the AutoCAD component of Rastersoft CAD and AutoCAD itself.

Vector exchange format

A vector drawing is stored in an electronic format, such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. The design is composed of geometric figures, such as points, lines, and arcs, that can be edited and manipulated. When using the CAD feature, the same drawing is stored with different properties, including colors

AutoCAD For Windows

Once it’s activated, run the software and open the appropriate image
You must open a two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) drawing file.

The.dwg file extension is the primary file type for AutoCAD. It is used
to open and save most of the native AutoCAD files, including drawings,
drawing templates, and components. (The.dwg file extension
is also used in other AutoCAD versions for similar purposes.)

The.dwg file format is the native file format for the AutoCAD
drawing application, so it contains all the information needed
for AutoCAD to render the drawing. The file contains the lines,
arcs, circles, text, dimensions, and snap settings used to create
the drawing, as well as comments or labels added later. The file
also contains information on which units are used in the drawing.
The.dwg file is the default file type when creating a new drawing,
and it is the default file type for some of the commands. You can
also use the DWG extension to open an AutoCAD file created in an older
version of AutoCAD.

A DWG file can be created by using the command dwg or by using
the File > Create > Drawable File > DWG command. The DWG
file format contains the information needed to render the drawing.
You can open a DWG file from a source file by using the
Draw or Open command.

When AutoCAD imports a drawing from a DWG file, the drawing data
is stored in a file called a.dwg02 file. This file is a standard file
that can be opened in a text editor, such as notepad. The.dwg02
file is a generic DWG file that can contain some of the data
needed to display a drawing. If the drawing is large, it may be
difficult to open the.dwg02 file in a text editor.

If you want to save the drawing in a format that can be imported
into AutoCAD later, you can use the Save Drawing As option in
the Draw or Open dialog.

The dwg file extension is also used by some other drawing packages,
including Primavera and MicroStation.

File extensions
When saving a drawing using the Save Drawing As option in the Draw or Open dialog,

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Integrated AutoCAD Maps:

Simply zoom out and access a map within your drawing. The map and contour lines can be added to the drawing. (video: 1:15 min.)

Bounding Box Workflows:

Apply bounding box selection to any part of a drawing, no matter what layer it’s on, so that the part can be processed as a whole. This speeds up your modeling tasks. (video: 1:05 min.)

Display and Line Type Details:

A tooltip contains information about the properties of a line, even if it is selected. Now you can easily find out the properties of lines. In addition, you can set the color of a line type, and even add text to a line. (video: 1:20 min.)


Catch line-joint connections before deleting them. (video: 2:20 min.)


Designate parts of an icon as active and ready to be placed, so that the palette appears instantly. (video: 1:45 min.)

Map Approximation:

Use geometry to approximate the area or geometry of other shapes, such as AutoCAD sketch lines and polylines. (video: 1:35 min.)


Prioritize the drawing process by filtering out non-core layers from layers to display and working with AutoCAD in memory. (video: 3:45 min.)

Support for the new Windows Operating System:

You can create a multi-monitor work area, view all of your drawings on the largest monitor, and easily switch between applications. (video: 2:30 min.)

Changes to AutoCAD for Mac:

Add more features to the default draw toolbar, such as the pick tool and the rectangular selection tool.

The Quick Tour for the Office 365 app works with Office 2019.

Improvements to the AutoCAD Help system.

The AutoCAD core update doesn’t require registration. You can update AutoCAD to version 2023, free of charge, and easily do so within the program without having to download any updates.

A new AutoCAD 2023 installer is available online for immediate download.

The Web-based AutoCAD Help system offers online training and learning materials. It is available in the

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