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But if you are looking for a free solution involving system tray icons and a handle showing stored items, another promising alternative you might want to check out is named Tiny Clipboard.
The similarity between the two apps is obvious. The only difference is that this one is free and under GPL license. The developer of Tiny Clipboard makes use of Subversion version control for developing its tools which makes it easy to manage the source code.
Qlipboard is available in English, French and German versions. 33e89ea654

The main features of the plug-in are:
• Three types of Bending
(Curling and folding and Gouraud)
• Bump Map
• Texturization or any coloration in the page with realistic characters and in any shape
• Orientation control and converting to 3D space
• Perspective distortions
• Customise your own mapping
• Thumbnail Mode for tweaking any details
• Lighting Options
• Color Adjustment
• Depth of field tools
• Bright

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