Cm93 Ed 2 Charts 2013 Antivirensoftware Ch Extra Quality

Cm93 Ed 2 Charts 2013 Antivirensoftware Ch Extra Quality



Cm93 Ed 2 Charts 2013 Antivirensoftware Ch

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Did Sauron get the One Ring?

The story of how Sauron got the ring is easy to follow: he won it in a fair and proper fight. The problem is, all the manuscripts or versions for the book seem to show a Sauron who needs to be shapeshifted into a toad to get it (from the 3rd).
Is this the official version, or just a version that has stuck? If the former, why is it stated elsewhere that Sauron had no need to change?


In the first of the “Appendixes” of the published extended edition of The Lord of the Rings in 1981 (Volume 3, Chapter 1, Lines 251-259), Tolkien writes:

In fact, from the long “history” of the ring (and particularly so in the text) Sauron is never shown to be in need of a shapeshifting; if we are to understand why he obtained it from Glorfindel, we must suppose that either he took it “with gold to withstand his power”, or he obtained it “from a thief” by a process of private, secret theft.

The story he was being asked about there was the very first of the “stolen” stories in the First Age, in which Sauron’s understanding of the Ring of Power depended on the fact that he had (apparently) seen it in use, and had been touched by it.

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cm93 ed 2 charts 2013 antivirensoftware ch
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