Download The Sims 3 Full __EXCLUSIVE__build1.package 🟣

Download The Sims 3 Full __EXCLUSIVE__build1.package 🟣


Download The Sims 3 Fullbuild1.package

How to Install The Sims 3 With the TC Mod.
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Uninstalling The Sims 3 Need More Help? .
PS: The Sims 3 Builders Club .
For more details on the Features of The Sims 3 and Maintenance Support for The Sims 3, read the support page on The Sims 3 Support & Repair FAQ and .

2. Installation

The Sims 3 will be downloaded in .
In The Sims 3, click “Edit” in the lower left corner to change the expansion pack. You can find the installation guide on the [Sims 3 Builder Club](


Download The Sims 3 Fullbuild1.package from the link below:

[The Sims 3 Full Build1.package](

Additional Downloads
Download Expansion Packs, Demos and Builders Club:


[The Sims 4 Freeplay EP](

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Game Demos:

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Builders Club:

[The Sims 3 Builders Club](

4. Uninstall

Your Sims 3 will be uninstalled in this chapter.

To uninstall The Sims 3, perform the following steps:

1. Close all other running applications and make sure you are not logged into The Sims 3
2. Make sure that you have .

1. Open the Games\The Sims 3\GameData\Sh

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