Water Treatment Plant Intake and Outfall Facility Decommissioning

Project Description
Longitude 123, Inc. was contracted to support the decommissioning of a previously retired Water Treatment Plant Intake and Outfall Facility.  The Facility was used to bring seawater for oil-field related water flood operations and on occasion for discharge of the inlet seawater filter backwash to the ocean.  The decommissioning work performed by L123 included the recovery of the two structures at the offshore ends of the intake pipelines; the recovery and disposal of the two intake pipelines and the discharge pipeline running offshore from the vault; the removal and disposal of the pumps, piping and ancillary equipment from within the vault; the demolition of the vault to a depth of at least 5 feet below to the local beach sand level; the grouting and abandonment in place of the casing running under Highway and the Railroad right-of-way; and the grouting and abandonment in place of the three pipelines running from the vault to the client facility north of the freeway. L123 also provided the research, engineering, and design for the project in addition to the technical support provided to Padre Associates in acquiring regulatory permits.

This project reflects L123’s ability to plan, permit and perform turnkey California coastal and inland pipeline projects.

Project Photos