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Longitude 123, Inc. provides a full spectrum of specialized services in support of all phases of the marine energy-related facility life cycle including studies, site characterization/survey, California regulatory permitting support, planning, engineering and design and analysis, and project management of construction, maintenance, inspection, installation, remediation, and decommissioning.

We use a resource-of-opportunity model to assemble specialized project teams consisting of professional engineering services, environmental science services, marine contractors, and suppliers equipped for the unique requirements of each project.

Our turnkey project delivery includes:

  • Site Characterization and Surveying
    Specification and management of seafloor/riverbed surficial and bathymetric surveys, debris surveys, diver verification surveys, pipeline surveys, pipeline depth of burial surveys, positive location surveys, pipeline span surveys, cathodic protection surveys, historical record searches, asset archive searches, desktop studies, production of maps and figures, and graphics support.
  • Planning and Studies
    Production of feasibility studies, technical studies, alternatives analysis, risk assessment, cost projections, project execution plans, project work and safety plans, marine safety and anchoring plans, project safety planning, critical operations and curtailment plans, debris management plans, hazmat management plans, waste management plans, oil spill prevention and response plans, Caltrans storm water pollution prevention plans, and CPM scheduling.
Offshore Construction Services
  • Environmental Permitting
    and its environmental sciences partners offer a systematic approach to California environmental permitting that is founded on decades of underwater project permitting beginning in 1992 with the planning and permitting of the first offshore project permitted under CEQA.
  • Project Management
    L123 employs standard project management processes to direct, plan, schedule, control, communicate and produce successful projects. We serve as the owner’s or contractor’s representative in all project phases advocating for the owner or contractor and their interests in underwater design, environmental permitting, and performance.
Longitude 123 Excavator at Sunset

Our underwater project environments include:

  • Offshore
    California, Alaska, Brazil, and Gulf of Mexico

  • Nearshore
    California, Nicaragua, Mexico, Iceland, and Diego Garcia (Indian Ocean)

  • Inland
    Northern and Southern California, Arizona, California Sierras, Mississippi River, Great Lakes, San Francisco Bay and California Confluence (Sacramento River, San Joaquin River Delta, Bays and Straits to North Bay San Francisco)

Our underwater inland, coastal, and offshore project experiences include:

We are privileged to serve a variety of owners and operators of marine facilities and their professional consultants and contractors including:

• Municipalities and Regulators
• Energy producers (Oil, Gas and Electric)
• Engineering Consultants
• Environmental Sciences Consultants

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