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Longitude 123, Inc. is confident in our experience and understanding of the processes required to successfully plan, permit and perform marine and underwater projects in California’s tough regulatory environment and we are often able to minimize our client’s risk exposure by performing the work on a fixed price or not-to-exceed basis.

We have a broad technical and resource knowledgebase that we employ on behalf of our clients to plan, permit and perform underwater construction projects in and offshore of the State of California on a turnkey, at-risk basis, with special emphasis on marine decommissioning. 

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L123 offers two major benefits to our California energy clients:  Convenience and valueWe provide the convenience of turnkey projects, which is something of great importance to our clients who have experienced California’s unique and challenging regulatory environment.  We maintain a close working relationship with our partners to produce efficient and comprehensive decommissioning project plans and permits, including negotiated, feasible permit conditions and mitigation measures.  We know the unwritten regulatory requirements, the local sensitivities, the histories, and the regulators.

And we save our clients’ money through the application of our underwater construction technical expertise that enables us to design California-feasible projects and final dispositions of facilities that can be performed at the lowest cost and leave our clients with no, or minimal, long term liabilities.  Additionally, we are so confident in our knowledge of California marine energy permitting processes and project management that we frequently produce entire projects (planning, permitting and performance) on an at-risk (lump sum) basis. 

Marine Construction in Morro Bay, California