Offshore Drilling and Production Facilities

BP Bombax Subsea Pipeline Completion
and Tie-In Project

Location: Trinidad and Tobago
 Project Description
This project involved the subsea completion of a major gas field located offshore Trinidad and Tobago. L123 was brought in by CDI as part of a team to take over the project management and complete this contract for BP Trinidad & Tobago LLC. L123 served as project administrator, assistant project manager and project manager. Project elements included installation of a 400-ton subsea manifold, installation of five 70-ton pipe spool support frames, installation of five 48-inch diameter pipe spools, installation of five 26-inch diameter pipe spools, installation of two 20-inch spools and other subsea construction tasks tying together three offshore platforms and linking them to shore facilities through a 63 kilometer long 48-inch diameter pipeline. Installation equipment utilized by the project team included the DP MSV Q4000 and the DSV Eclipse, a 489-foot-long dynamically positioned saturation diving support vessel. This project was the source of an Offshore Technology Conference technical paper.
This project demonstrates the ability of L123 to plan and manage major underwater construction work. L123, in support of the project management team, applied basic project management disciplines to the project, established administrative and quality controls, and helped drive the project to an on-time completion while producing the contracted project deliverables.

Oil/Gas Platform Decommissioning Project

Location: Santa Barbara Channel, California
Project Description
This oil/gas platform decommissioning project is the largest of its kind to take place to date offshore California under CEQA. This project involved the decommissioning and removal of four offshore oil and gas drilling and production platforms. L123 assembled the team of engineers and underwater constructors that planned the decommissioning and produced all inspections and surveys, technical documents, engineering, drawings and graphics that were used as the basis for the environmental permit applications. The project was successfully permitted and later performed under a mitigated negative declaration of environmental impact.
This project demonstrates the ability of L123 to produce plans and documents in support of environmental permits for major marine projects. L123 excels at producing project plans that limit impacts to the surrounding environment while complying with the needs of the facility owners and operators.

Exxon Santa Ynez Unit Installation and Maintenance

Location: Gaviota, California
Project Description
Exxon installed the 795 foot long oil storage and processing ship, M/V Exxon Santa Ynez, approximately nine miles offshore of Gaviota, California in 1983 to facilitate production at Exxon’s Hondo field that was stalled by Exxon’s inability to place a submarine pipeline through State of California waters. The ship was permanently attached to a Single Anchor Leg Mooring buoy in 490 feet of water and a fleet of Exxon shuttle tankers offloaded product from the Santa Ynez approximately every three days during the lifetime of this project. From its installation to its removal 10 years later, L123 owner, Mark Steffy, was responsible for planning and performing almost all of the underwater maintenance of this stationary ship. Maintenance included underwater welding repairs to the SALM buoy to meet ABS standards, development of underwater coating systems to preserve the ship hull, development of a plastic hull cleaning system to clean the hull annually in situ without damaging the existing coating, development of a underwater hull mapping system to facilitate repeatable inspection points, planning and management of all USCG/ABS in-water in lieu of drydocking inspections (reportedly saved Exxon over $100 mil per drydocking x 5 saved drydockings = $500 mil), installation and maintenance of the floating cargo hose and vapor hose systems, and various other repairs and maintenance activities.
This project demonstrates L123 ability to innovate and adapt to create workable solutions and substantial cost savings..