Safety is Paramount

Over our 30 years of operation, safety has been of paramount importance and Longitude 123 has maintained an excellent safety record.  Our “Work and Safety Plans” are not boilerplate documents but are tailored to the issues specific to each project.  This safety “toolbox” includes a wide range of standard or specialized safety plans and procedures addressing all project risks. 

The L123 Safety "Toolbox" includes:

  • Emergency Action Plans 
  • Critical Operations and Curtailment Plans 
  • Extreme Weather Plans 
  • Journey Management Plans 
  • JHA’s 
  • JSA’s 
  • Task Specific JSA’s 
  • Daily Safety Walks 
  • Job Site Orientations 
  • Stop Work Program
  • Tailboard Briefings 
  • Confined Space Plans 
  • LOTO Plans 
  • Excavation and Trenching Plans 
  • Crane Operation and Rigging Plans 
  • Fall Protection Plans 
  • Marine Safety and Anchoring Plans 
  • Vessel Traffic Plans 
  • Dive Safety Plans 



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