Safety is Paramount

Over our 24 years of operation, safety has been of paramount importance and Longitude 123 has maintained an excellent safety record.  Under the direct supervision of a full-time Health, Safety and Environmental Director, our “Work and Safety Plans” are not boilerplate documents but are tailored to the issues specific to each project.  This safety “toolbox” includes a wide range of standard or specialized safety plans and procedures addressing all project risks. 

The L123 Safety "Toolbox" includes:

  • Emergency Action Plans 
  • Critical Operations and Curtailment Plans 
  • Extreme Weather Plans 
  • Journey Management Plans 
  • JHA’s 
  • JSA’s 
  • Task Specific JSA’s 
  • Daily Safety Walks 
  • Job Site Orientations 
  • Stop Work Program
  • Tailboard Briefings 
  • Confined Space Plans 
  • LOTO Plans 
  • Excavation and Trenching Plans 
  • Crane Operation and Rigging Plans 
  • Fall Protection Plans 
  • Marine Safety and Anchoring Plans 
  • Vessel Traffic Plans 
  • Dive Safety Plans 



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