The L123 Team

Longitude 123 Mark Steffy

Mark Steffy

Mark I. Steffy, the founder and President of Longitude 123, Inc., has over 45 years of extensive hands-on experience providing underwater construction management and technical consulting to energy companies, major utilities, engineering and environmental consultants, heavy civil engineering contractors and underwater services contractors. Mr. Steffy has served in key technical, environmental permitting management, project planning and project management roles on multi-million-dollar design and build projects for energy, utility, government, and commercial clients. Mr. Steffy has specialized in developing innovative solutions for unique and challenging marine projects, which have been featured in papers and publications such as the American Society of Civil Engineers, Canadian Society of Civil Engineers, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Oil and Gas Journal, Offshore Technology Conference, Prevention First-Symposium, and Water Environment Federation.

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Longitude 123 Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes
Vice President

Dan Holmes has over 29 years of experience in the marine construction and commercial diving industry. He holds a degree in Marine Diving Technology and remains active in the commercial diving community. Mr. Holmes began his career in 1989 working as a diver and worked his way through the ranks to diving supervisor on the West Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico. Starting in 1997, Mr. Holmes got “out of the water” and has held various managerial positions such as Project Manager, Operations Manager, Logistics Manager, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, and Business Development/Client Manager. Areas of expertise include installation, inspection, maintenance and decommissioning; offshore tanker berth maintenance and decommissioning; offshore mooring system installation and maintenance; subsea pipeline construction, maintenance and decommissioning; and subsea power and communication cable construction and maintenance. Mr. Holmes maintains long-standing affiliations as a Board Member of the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) and American Petroleum Institute (API) Coastal Chapter.

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Longitude 123 Scot Anderson

Scot Anderson
Engineering/Program Manager

Scot Anderson has over 35 years of extensive hands-on experience on government and commercial projects. A degreed Ocean Engineer, Mr. Anderson has served in key technical, financial, business development, project management, senior management and customer service roles on multi-million-dollar design and build projects for energy, utility, government, entertainment and commercial clients. In addition, as the founder and operator of small businesses, Mr. Anderson understands all aspects of business operations and the importance of comprehensive planning and execution management, with ultimate P&L accountability to the project bottom line. From a key “team member” in large corporations to the “do it all” owner, Mr. Anderson is trained and experienced in all aspects of successful project acquisition and implementation.

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